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We sell and lease industrial air compressors to meet a range of air supply needs. Our Industrial Air Compressors Sydney assist in providing power for many industrial processes and applications. From powering pneumatic tools, to managing large-scale industrial equipment – we provide long-lasting solutions that encourage greater productivity in the workplace.

Our workshop and head offices are located west of Sydney. We’re open from 7am – 5pm, Monday to Friday. For enquiries about our products and services, call (02) 9193 8100 or email and our friendly staff will gladly assist you.

The Right Compressor for the Job

Our industrial compressors come in various sizes, power capacities and fuel types. Each model is suited for a range of small and large-scale applications. And some models have feature which are better suited for certain processes.

To help you make an informed decision about your hire or purchase, our sales team will guide you through our range of products. By understanding your facility and the processes that need to be fulfilled – we offer a range of solutions for your compressed air requirements.

Industrial Air Compressor Parts

Does your existing model need urgent replacement parts? Our shop is stocked with used and OEM parts for a variety of air compressors. From reciprocating, to rotary screw and oil-free compressors, we sell a range of components for any industrial compressor.

If you need to make a special order, simply ask our staff and they’ll happily process your order request. Once your item has arrived at our shop, we’ll immediately notify you that it’s ready to be picked up.

Save Time by Creating a Scheduled Service Plan

Whether you hire or purchase from us, we can establish an annual service plan to cover all your maintenance needs. We take the hassle out of booking appointments by arranging those months in advance. When your next appointment is around the corner, we’ll notify you before the arrival date. And if you need to reschedule your next service, simply let us know and we’ll arrange another time and date for you.

24/7 Emergency Service

A failed air compressor can greatly impact productivity in the workplace. That’s why we offer 24/7 service and maintenance around the Sydney region. Our emergency service team provides timely maintenance on all Industrial Air Compressors Sydney.

In the event of an emergency, call (02) 9193 8100 and we’ll dispatch the nearest technician to your location.

Avoid Breakdowns with a Scheduled Service Plan

A routine service can save your business thousands of dollars in expensive repairs. We establish a routine service schedule, which is prepared months in advance for you.

When your next service is coming up, we’ll notify you and confirm your next appointment. If you need to re-schedule for another day, we can arrange the next convenient time and day for you.

Our service plans cover every aspect of your air compressor, including:

  • On-site inspections
  • Air flow analysis
  • Component testing
  • System appraisals and reports

By having your industrial compressor well-maintained, it’ll provide a consistent supply of airflow for many years. You’ll reduce the risk of potential breakdowns and save money of air leakage compromising the performance of your Industrial Air Compressors Sydney.