LF Series Filters


LF Series Filters – A filter range you can trust

Protect your equipment while saving money

The reliability of compressed air filtration is paramount to the ongoing battle against problems caused through contamination entering your compressed air system. Contamination in the form of dirt, oil and water can lead to:

  • Pipescale and corrosion within pressure vessels
  • Damage to production equipment, air motors, air tools, valves and cylinders
  • Premature and unplanned desiccant replacement for adsorption dryers
  • Spoiled product

When compared to some filter designs, CompAir LF Series filters elements can reduce energy consumption by offering a lower pressure drop throughout the filter element life.

Don’t be fooled by calculated savings from competitive de-mister filter modules. They do not have the efficiency of the LF Series element, allowing tiny particulates flow downstream to pneumatic equipment, causing costly wear and damage.

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CompAir Air Filters

Typical Savings

With a 150 kW air compressor running 24 hours per day, at 93% motor efficiency, and an electrical cost of $0.23/ kW-HR, the 20 kPa lower average pressure drop of an LF Series filter would represent an annual saving of over $6,000! A system that has three filters could save up to $18,000 per year.

High Performance Filter Elements

CompAir Air Filters
Push-Fit, Double O-Ring Seal
Element to filter head connection chamfered for easy installation and removal.

Stainless Steel Element Support
High durability and corrosion resistance.

Fibreglass Support
Prefiltration layer, reduces pressure drop and extends service life.

Deep Bed Multi-Wrap Borosilicate Glass Microfibre
Minimises pressure drop whilst maximising partical retention. High tension fibre wrap prevents channeled air flow.

Fibreglass Support
Contains and supports the deep bed increasing element strength and integrity.

Polyester Needle Felt Sleeve
With a unique coalescing action that quickly drains oil. The sleeve is ultrasonically welded along it’s full length and won’t crush like
a foam sock, nor will it decay with age
or when exposed to synthetic lubricants, corrosive materials.

End Cap
Constructed from durable and non-corrosive glass filled nylon. The end cap is attached to the element with a multi part urethane resin.

The element is then held in place by internal ribs within the filter housing.

LF Series Features & Benefits