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Water Separators

The ultimate prefiltration & separation technology

Significantly reduces maintenance costs

The unique fins on the centrifugal module have been custom engineered using the latest CFD software to identify and eliminate points of low efficiency, ensuring excellent liquid removal even at low flow velocities.

The shield at the bottom of the module prevents re-entrainment of separated water and creates a calm zone allowing for bespoke drainage options.

Exceptional performance levels

1⁄4″ to 3″ threaded housings are manufactured in robust cast aluminium alloy with a corrosion protective E-Coat finish.

CompAir’s high efficiency water separators are a viable, cost effective solution to bulk liquid removal.

Tested in accordance with ISO 12500-4

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Technical Specifications

Filter modelPipe sizeFlow rate Dimensions (mm)Weight Kg    
WS00100.9935 7025191900.7
WS00201⁄21.9870 100352761101.5
WS00353⁄43.54125 100352761101.5
WS005014.96175 100352761101.5
WS007911⁄47.93280 122424601502.5
WS011311⁄211.33400 146524821804
WS0198219.82700 146524821804
WS024021⁄224.07850 210675952008.5
WS0424342.481500 210675952008.5
WS0360DN8035.961270 4502651205n/a58
WS0516DN10051.651824 5202851245n/a74
WS1082DN150108.283824 6804001400n/a165
WS1832DN200183.216470 7804001460n/a260
WS2831DN250283.1710000 9005501570n/a450
WS4247DN300424.7515000 9006001620n/a550

Technical Notes

  1. Models WS0010-WS0424 are fitted with float operated automatic drain valves as standard. When high quantities of liquid are anticipated, CompAir recommend the use of electronic drain valves. Models WS0360-WS4247 are fitted with manual drain valves as standard.
  2. An additional 1⁄2″ side entry port is included on models WS0360 to WS1832, 3⁄4″ for WS2831 and WS4247.
  3. A connecting kit is required to connect a water separator to an LF series filter.
Maximum recommended operating temperature120°C248°F
Minimum recommended operating temperature1.5°C35°F
Maximum working pressure16 barg232 psig