GXS Series

Gardner Denver Authorised Distributor

GXS Series – Refrigerant Air Dryers 0.5 to 1.6 m3/min

Simple Efficiency

The GXS series refrigerant dryer uses an incredibly simple design to create a robust and efficient refrigerant dryer. Producing pure, clean and dry compressed air, it’s ideal for low volume applications.

Design Features

Static condenser

The static condensor used in the GXS series dryer has no noisy cooling fan and is virtually maintenance free. Making the GXS series refrigerant cost efficient to run and reducing it’s environmental impact.

Waste heat recovery

We eliminate discharge pipe condensation on the GXS series dryer by the including a reheating coil.

Consistent dew point

The GXS series design provides excellent dew point performance under all conditions.

Smart design

With low noise levels and a compact footprint the GXS series dryer is ideal for use in applications requiring a quiet discreet installation such as hospitals and laboratories.

Dryer Operation

Warm saturated air from the compressor enters the evaporator where it is cooled by refrigerant. A constant pressure expansion valve maintains refrigerant pressure inside the evaporator irrespective of load.

Water vapour within the inlet air condenses and collects in the separator where it is removed through the condensate drain.

Cool dry discharge air then enters the re-heater where the elevated refrigerant temperature warms the discharge air, preventing condensation forming on outlet piping.

The dimensions of the GXS Series refrigerant dryer are reduced through the use of a static condensor design. This not only eliminates the need for a cooling fan but also simplifies the refrigerant dryer operation.

Technical Specifications

GXS - 0.5 to 1.6 m3/min

Model Flow Capacity m3/min1Total Power (kW)Power Supply (VAC 50hz)Refrigerant TypeDimensions HxWxL mm Connection Weight (Male BSP)Weight Kg
GXS050.50.2230 /1R134A382 x 320 x 320DN1520
GXS101.00.3230 /1R134A568 x 368 x 394DN2032
GXS131.30.4230 /1R134A568 x 368 x 394DN2032
GXS161.60.6230 /1R134A568 x 500 x 500DN2044

Correction factors2

To calculate drying capacity for specific conditions, multiply the volume flow capacity by the correction factors (volume flow x A x B x C).

Operating Pressure bar(g)(3)
Inlet Temp °C30354045505560          
Ambient Temp °C22253035404550          

The performance of the dryer (pressure dew point, power consumption, pressure drop etc.) depends mainly on the volume flow and pressure of the compressed air to be dried and the condenser refrigerant temperature.
(1) Measured and stated in accordance with ISO 1217 Annex C at the following conditions: Operating Pressure 7 bar, Air Intake Temperature 35°C, Ambient Temperature 25°C, Outlet Dewpoint 3°C.
(2) Stated correction factors are guide values only.
(3) Maximum operating pressure 16 Bar.
Product specifications and design subject to change without notice.