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Air Compressors in Queensland

With brands ranging from Kaeser, Gardner Denver and Pulford – we offer the most reputable line of air compressors available. Our products deliver exceptional, energy saving performance for big and small applications. For the most comprehensive range of Air Compressors in Queensland – look no further than Advanced Air.

Since 1989, we’ve paved the way in compressions technology to produce the quietest and most energy-efficient products on the market. Our compressors come in a range of fuel types, sizes and air capacities. So you can choose the right product for the job and, thus – use less energy and reduce your power consumption.

Our Air Compressors have kept Queensland businesses running smoothly for over 25 years. To learn about our range of products and services – contact us on (07) 3265 7700 or

Piston Compressors

Made from traditional cast iron, our piston compressors are ideal for applications at home and in the shop. These machines are capable of producing speeds over 900 RPM, which allow them to excel in a range of heavy-duty processes.

Our Endurance Series is renowned for their long-lasting quality; with some units capable of operating for over 50 years! These powerful devices provide an FAD (Free Air Delivery) of up to 22.4 I/s, with a maximum pressure of 1034k/PA.

This makes them ideal for large-scale applications, such as providing energy for glasshouse ventilation systems, pneumatic tools, welding equipment and much more.

Variable Speed Compressors

For many industrial businesses, compressed air accounts for a large portion of their energy consumption. This is especially true for companies who experience fluctuating demands of airflow, yet, still need a 24/7 supply of air to maintain operations.

Variable speed compressors are an economical solution to this problem. These devices are capable of automatically adjusting between different airflow levels, in order to reduce energy consumption and save money for your business.

Better still, these air compressors are extremely quiet. So they provide a distraction-free environment for places that demand low noise levels, such as medical and agriculture sectors.

Portable Screw Compressors

When you’re working in a remote environment, you cannot afford to lose power at the last minute. Thanks to the integrated generator – and the option to include additional power supplies – you’ll never leave a job unfinished.

We offer various mobile compressors to meet a range of industrial needs. These devices have a soft-start function to reduce engine stress, while the electrostatically coated material protects against surface damage and corrosion.

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To learn more about our huge range of Air Compressors in Queensland – call Advanced Air today on (07) 3265 7700 or

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