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Advanced Air Compressors offer a range of long and short term hire solutions.

The Benefits of Hiring

Customers often hire from us for many reasons. Hiring equipment means avoiding overhead costs typically associated with purchasing including: storage, registration fees, maintenance and repair costs. Hiring also means you don’t have to use obsolete equipment. When you take advantage of our Air Compressor Hire service, you receive the latest products available on the market.

We offer hire solutions for customers who wish to hire for the long-term. These rates are available at an affordable price and are paid on a monthly basis.


Advanced Air offers a range of air compressors for many different industry needs. Our Air Compressor Hire products include:

  • Fixed and Variable Compressors
  • Screw Compressors
  • Piston Compressors
  • Industrial Air Compressors
  • Refrigerant, Filters and Dryers
  • Portable Screw Compressors

Whether you need compressed air to power construction tools or moderate air flow in garden environments, our air compressors deliver powerful performance and sustainability for all applications.

Piston Compressors

Our Piston compressors are made from traditional cast iron and provide a consistent supply of compressed air. Choose from 1.65 – 7.5 Kw of power, a range of different sizes, petrol and diesel models. Each Piston compressor is suitable for particular uses and offers varying levels of performance.

The Pulford Endurance Series offers superior performance and durability. These models offer up to 11 Kw of power and a maximum of 735 RPM. Delivering the most powerful performance in the Piston compressor range. These models have been known to operate upwards of 50 years and more.


Screw Compressors

The latest range of Screw Compressors from Gardner Denver delivers the most reliable and economic performance to date. The new ESM/VS 7-22 series is quieter, more energy efficient and ensures a long operating life.

Use the intuitive control system to view the air compressors total hours run and loader hours, discharge and line pressure display, remote stop/start, auto restart on power failure and status indications. The LCD interface is user-friendly and lets you micromanage different components as you work. Making it easier to adjust to different working conditions and environmental changes.


Portable Diesel



Other Air

Air Compressor Service and Maintenance

Our Air Compressor Hire services cover all repair and maintenance tasks. In the event of a device malfunction, our emergency technicians will come to you and perform any required repairs. We perform quality checks on all air compressors.

Discover the benefits of our Air Compressor Hire today. Send us an online enquiry here or call us on 02 9193 8110.

Ask about long term hire…

Many customers are choosing to hire machines rather than purchase. We offer long term hire at affordable rates. With just one monthly cost, no nasty surprises and no layouts for overhauls or breakdowns. Hiring a machine could be the solution to your compressed air requirements.

By hiring a machine you have no capital costs and it can be very tax effective.