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Air Compressors for Sale

At Advanced Air, we source from established brands within the industry, each one with a successful background in providing premium quality goods, so you can find the best Air compressor for sale. With over 30 years of experience, we’ve been involved in a variety of trades, who each benefit differently from the products we sell. Compressed air is a vital resource that is used in a number of applications, including:

  • HVAC Control Systems
  • Residential use for the home
  • Refrigeration systems and other cooled environments
  • Providing power to construction tools that rely on compressed air

A premium quality, industrial grade air compressor should be able to service any number of purposes. Each one comes in different shapes, sizes, storage capacities, and means to power them, whether it be gas, electricity or diesel.

Established Products from Brands you Can Trust

Our range of air compressors for sale include leading brands, such as Gardner Denver, Pulford and our own AAC line of products.

Gardner Denver is one of the leading brands in the supply of industrial-grade air compressors, with distribution in over 100 countries. They are renowned for their precision technology, long-lasting build and continual advancements in technology.

Gardner offers an array of air compressors suitable for small-business and large-scale industrial use. Their energy efficiency, quiet operation and reliability has placed them in high demand across various sectors. The unique GD PILOT Control System allows for easy access to programmable inputs and output to ensure the machine is operating at the correct settings. Benefits include an LCD interface, air/oil temperature displays and much more.

Australian owned brand Pulford also boasts their own impressive line of air compressors for sale, with an extensive range of piston compressors. Made from premium cast iron, these heavy-duty units are regularly used in construction and other related industries, thanks to their pristine quality and high-storage capacity. These units are also easily portable (thanks to the convenient lifting handles) and feature an electric motor overload protection device, which is designed to prevent short circuiting and ground faults.

Our own line of AAC rotary and reciprocating compressors are sold regularly through our distribution channels, which serve as high-quality alternatives to other established brands. Our reciprocating compressors can be oil lubricated or oil less and are used extensively within the medical sector, thanks to their durability and quiet operation.

In-Store Service and Sales

With our head office and shop located at Arndell Park, including our spare parts services in Gosford, Brisbane and Melbourne, Advanced Air houses an extensive range of stock for all your air compressor needs. Our friendly shop staff regularly deal with air compressor sales, which is backed by in-depth industry knowledge and a clear understanding of the components that make these units work.

If you’re unsure what to look for, notify one of our support staff and they can help accommodate your needs. Trying to find something and we don’t have it? No drama. Our staff can arrange to have stock ordered in from one of our many suppliers. A good new or used air compressor for sale is not easy to find. Simply leave your contact details and we’ll notify you when your order has arrived.

Business to Business

For over 30 years, we’ve been supplying air compressors to small and large businesses. From vehicle service centres, steel production, packaging, medical and manufacturing, our products equip businesses with the tools and devices they need to get working.

Our reliable air compressor sales team work on a daily basis to communicate with businesses, providing a wealth of support and service when it’s most needed. At Advanced Air, we strive to deliver on results, not just promises.