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Since 1989, Advanced Air has been supplying to a variety industrial sectors, with the latest air compressor products and services. We offer a diverse range of compressors and other assorted tools, ranging from 3-Phase Industrial Series compressors, diesel air compressors, oil-free compressors and a range of air purification tools & equipment.

Delivering Only the Best Brands

We only source from the highest quality brands of air compressors, in order to deliver the most advanced and reliable products on the market.

One such brand is Gardner Denver, the US-bred powerhouse that produces some of the finest air compressor equipment in the world. Gardner Denver has been worldwide renowned for their advances in air compression technology, which includes a diverse range of products for both commercial and industrial use.

Gardner Denver delivers on convenient portable compressors, which offer simple operation and manoeuvrability around the work environment, along with powerful diesel engines to handle only the toughest jobs.

Gardener’s impressive VS Series boast a selection of multi-functional units designed to satisfy a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Their variable speed functionality is suited to handle the fluctuations in air flow predominant in many plant air systems. With reduced wear and tear on valve components, optimised cooling systems, replaceable inlet filters and so much more, the V Series offers the smartest and most advanced solutions for all your air compression needs.

Our range of Pulford Reciprocating Compressors uses the same reliable robust technology giving you peace of mind and trouble free air, thanks to their compact configurations, reduced maintenance costs and long service life. These units are used in many applications including chemical plants, oil refineries, refrigeration plants and gas pipelines.

ACC also offer a range of oil free compressors for an even broader range application including dental, food processing and medical uses.

Combining over 90 years of experience with the reputable Pulford brand, their range of products has assured us of their supreme quality and build. Look no further than the Petrol Industrial Air Compressor Series, which features optimized recoil start and full engine idle down capabilities. Or, the popular Pulford Endurance and T-Series Air Compressors, which is perfectly suited for trades industries, thanks to its heavy duty wheels and lifting handles. Pulford delivers on affordable and quality solutions for all your commercial needs.

Used Air Compressors

Sometimes, a good quality used air compressor is all you need to get the job done. Our range of used compressors come from a variety of brands, all of which are quality controlled and tested by our expert staff. This ensures you only receive the most reliable products from us, so that they can continue to serve you for many years to come.

Our regularly updated listings provides precise information about each product, including important features and benefits, which allows you to make the right choice depending on your requirements.

Expert Advice and Support

At Advanced Air, we offer expert advice and support for every product we sell. Our experienced sales team understands the different needs of varying industries, which means we can provide helpful advice based on whatever application you require.

With over 30 years of experience servicing an array of industries, we believe that results should speak for themselves, without compromising on hefty promises. Our range of reliable air compressors pertain to the strictest industry standards, in order to deliver the most reliable products for our customers.

With Advanced Air, our motto is, “We deliver results, NOT just promises.”