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Gardner Denver Portable Compressor C10-C14

C10-12 to C14

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Gardner Denver Portable Compressor C20-C30

C20 to C30

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Gardner Denver Portable Compressor C35-10-C50

C35-10 to C50

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Gardner Denver Portable Compressor C55-14-C76

C55-14 to C76

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Gardner Denver Portable Compressor C85

C85-14 to C140-9

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Gardner Denver Portable Compressor C200TS-24-C270TS-9


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The Portable Solution

When you need compressed air in more than just one place, Portable Air Compressors are a powerful and economic solution to performing a variety of industrial applications. Our Gardner Denver portable compressors are available in a range of sizes and models. Whether you need to provide compressed air for small power tools or an entire industrial worksite, we offer plenty of mobile solutions to suit your needs.

Reliable mobile compressed air solutions

C14 – C270TS-9
1 to 27 m³/min from 7 to 24 bar

Air Plus offers many variations and options:

  • Aftercooler
  • Ultra-fine filters
  • Integrated generator
  • Bunded bottom box
  • Hose reel
  • Exhaust spark arrestor
  • Exhaust gas particulate filter
  • Customer colours

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Portable Air Compressor

Leasing Services

Due to their ease of accessibility and mobile benefits, many companies choose to lease our Portable Air Compressors for both long and short-term periods. We offer monthly payments for lease on all our products and there are no upfront costs either.

24 Hours Emergency Services

Whether day or night, our licensed technicians are available 24 hours a day to perform any maintenance or repair jobs. Each emergency vehicle is stocked with the necessary tools and equipment to perform most common minor or major repairs.

Contact Us

To enquire about our range of Portable Air Compressors and mobile services, feel free to call us on 02 9193 8100 or send us an email at aacair@advancedair.com.au.