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Advanced Air is a proud distributor and reseller of Gardner Denver Rotary Screw Compressors. We sell and distribute a huge range of compressed air solutions for a variety of industries, in order to meet the needs of different supply demands, processes and usages.

VS series: Our compressor solution for varying air demand

Typically, air demand in a plant varies widely throughout the day. In addition, fluctuations can occur from shift- to-shift, weekday-to-weekend, and season-to-season. Pressure requirements can also change from machine- to-machine or from one application to another. You need someone to evaluate your unique, often complex requirements and recommend a tailored solution.

The VS variable speed compressor – one smart solution

Variable speed compressors can efficiently and reliably handle the varying air demand found in most plant air systems. These compressors speed up and slow down to match air supply to air demand as
it fluctuates.

The right variable speed compressor for the application delivers significant energy savings and a stable consistent air supply.

The VS compressor is an efficient and versatile solution even for the most demanding industrial applications and carries all of the Gardner Denver features and benefits associated with reliable, easy to use operations and high efficiency.

The Gardner Denver air-end ensures that maximum reliability and
the highest efficiency level are incorporated into these packages. The variable speed drive/motor/compressor combination and the controller are designed to meet the varying demands of your system at the lowest possible specific power, which benefits you in the form of energy
cost savings.

Reduced wear and tear thanks to wide regulation range

Superb flexibility comes as standard with the VS series

With a wide capacity range, the VS series features the market’s quickest and widest response to air demand changes.

Your benefits during varying air demand:

  • Reduced wear and tear on inlet and discharge valve components
  • No shock bearing loads for the air-end
  • Minimised pulsating load (full load pressure/off load pressure)
    for all pressurised components within compressor package (oil receiver, hoses etc.)

Tried and tested inverter concept

  • Integrated in the electric cabinet
  • Protected from dust by replaceable inlet filters
  • Maximum reliability by optimised cooling system
  • Ensures high availability and long life time

Genuine GD Parts – The perfect fit for maximum performance and best efficiency

The vast experience and knowledge of GD’s highly qualified air specialists, coupled with the use of genuine GD parts and quality consumables that are guaranteed to perform, ensures the best possible efficiency from your GD air system.

Service friendly design

  • Short servicing times
  • Long service intervals
  • Reduced service costs

Minimum space requirements

  • Small footprint saves space, allowing installation even in restricted areas

First class accessibility

  • Panels and covers easily removable with quick- release catches

Easy service items

  • Spin on/off separator cartridge gives residual oil carryover of less than 3mg/m3
  • Quick oil change via external drain • Easy access suction filter element

Combined air/oil cooler

  • Low air discharge temperature
  • No unnecessary wear or condensate in the system

Easy servicing

The design of these packages assures the service points are readily accessible. The enclosure side doors are hinged and removable to allow complete access to all service points. The reduced number of moving parts also lowers maintenance costs.

“The use of genuine GD parts and lubricants will maximise your compressor’s life and efficiency.”

Gardner Denver ESM VS

“GD Distributors provide world class maintenance and service support with a team of highly trained and skilled compressor service technicians”

GD 5 Years Extended Warranty Protect 5 – our total commitment to quality and worry free ownership

GD 5 Years Warranty – a simple and free of charge extended warranty scheme from GD – once again, taking the industry standard and making it better.

GD provides Protect 5 – an extended warranty cover on your compressor for 5 years with GD’s authorised service providers delivering a guaranteed quality service*.

We believe that the GD Protect 5 will become a way of life “working when you need it” to provide maximum uptime AND peace of mind.

Protect 5 – a simple and free of charge extended warranty scheme from GD.

Types of Screw Compressors

Each Rotary Screw Compressor for Sale offers different performance and energy saving benefits. Gardner Denver’s Oil Free (50Hz) and Oil Lubricated (60Hz) air compressors can be used in many workplace environments and are available in fixed and variable speed models.

Their Oil Free Compressors offer the cleanest supply of compressed air and deliver the greatest energy saving benefits out of all industrial screw compressors. This makes them ideal for use in environments where compressed air makes contact with the product or process it’s serving, such as food packaging plants and medical sectors.

Gardner Denver’s Oil Lubricated 60Hz products range from 5 – 500 HP and are made from industrial grade components. They benefit from a long lasting lifecycle and their Screw Compressor Maintenance costs are low.

Our air compressors are not only powerful, but quiet in operation too. For urban areas or work environments that have strict noise restrictions – our Screw Compressors can be used comfortably without contributing additional noise.

Screw Compressor Parts

Advanced Air has store locations in New South Wales and Queensland, where you’ll find a huge selection of Screw Compressor parts and components. In our stores you’ll find:

  • Drain valves
  • Pressure release valves
  • Oil water separators
  • Pneumatic silencers
  • Air intake filters
  • Overhaul kits
  • And heaps more

If we’re out of stock on a part you need, we can order it and notify you when it’s ready for pick-up at our store. Simply ask our friendly staff and they’ll be able to assist you.

Hire from Us

Many companies choose to lease through us for long-term and short-term usage. We offer affordable rates at just one monthly cost, which saves you on paying excess tax and you avoid committing to a hefty upfront cost. You can choose from the same comprehensive range of Screw Compressors as purchasing upfront and you don’t need to make a long-term investment.

Contact Us

If you need expert advice on any of our air compressors, our sales team can guide you through our range of models and help you choose a device that meets your business requirements.

To enquire about parts or services in your local area, search for your Advanced Air branch here and contact them directly.

For all enquiries about our range of Screw Compressors, call us on 02 9193 8100 or fill out our online form here.